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How To Sell Your Movie

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I am excited to share everything I have learned so far about selling movies as well as everything filmmakers need to think about to navigate the rapidly changing film distribution landscape.

A little bit about me...

My name is Jason Brubaker and I specialize in film distribution and internet marketing for filmmakers. The following film distribution toolkit will provide you with an overview of how to access the popular video on demand marketplaces so you can sell your movie.

Previously I was the Manager of Film Acquisitions for Chill. And prior to that, I served as the Director of Operations for the popular video on demand aggregator, Distribber. Additionally, I am a contributing author of The Independent’s Guide to Film Distributors as well as the founder of Filmmaking Stuff, a professional resource for independent filmmakers.

Okay. Enough about me. Let's talk about you.

If you are like most filmmakers, you're probably not focused on coming up with a film distribution strategy. Making a movie is tough enough, but now you have to distribute it? And here is the problem. If you do not take time to plan your film distribution strategy from day one, you may end up with a crappy film distribution deal. And believe me, you don't want a crappy deal!

Here's the good news! Film distribution is changing for the better. Advances in technology, as well as the internet has made film distribution accessible for most all indie filmmakers. And this means you no longer have to give away your rights in exchange for a crappy deal .

If you'd like to find out more about my modern film distribution strategy, I encourage you to download your free film distribution resource below. Once you get it, you will want to read every word!

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