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How To Sell Your Movie For Maximum Profit

Finally! A step-by-step film distribution system so YOU can sell your movie!

Based on the professional experience of a veteran movie distributor and internet marketer, you will get a step-by-step film distribution and marketing system so YOU can get your movie seen and selling as soon as possible!

From the desk of Jason Brubaker: Saturday October 25 2014

You’re Closer Than You Think To Distribution

BrubPicDear Filmmaker,

One of the biggest problems YOU have is finding a distribution deal (that actually makes sense) for your movie.

While it is nice to imagine that your movie will end up winning Sundance and becoming the next BIG success story – It is important to understand that banking on Sundance (or any film festival) is NOT a solid film distribution strategy.

The truth is, most independent films do not garner a great distribution deal. And as a result, most independent movies independent movies never get seen in the marketplace.

I know this from experience. In addition to producing my own feature films, I have also served as the manager of acquisitions for several film distribution companies. Over the last five years, I have helped hundreds of indie filmmakers leverage social media, internet marketing and video on demand to get movies seen and selling.

And I want to help you.

Had I Known This Stuff… I Could Have Saved YEARS!

Just like you, I thought our first feature was going to get into Sundance, play well, build buzz and if we were really lucky – I honestly hoped the success of our movie would garner us a 3-picture deal.

But that did NOT happen.

Sure, we got some distribution offers. But these offers were not deals. (A deal actually pays money!)

Instead of selling our movie to some bottom feeding, second-rate distribution company (for empty promises and mere validation), we decided to sell our movie on the internet.

As it turned out, this simple decision changed the course of my movie making business (and my life!)

Since that time (I’m happy to report), our first feature has sold very well online, independent of any distribution horror stories. So in an effort to help YOU market and sell your movie without the middle-man, I decided to take ALL of my movie marketing experience and put it into a simple, step-by-step distribution system for YOU…

  • Select your VOD platforms

    Create a VOD release strategy so you can maximize your sales potential.

  • The Killer Hook

    Refine your marketing message to create a killer hook so you can build buzz.

  • Step-by-step system

    This system is broken into 7 simple self-distribution steps!

  • The movie marketing formula

    Find your hook, your audience, the market and get your movie seen!

  • Get Your Movie Selling

    With these VOD tactics, you can get your movie to market fast!

  • Build Audience For Life

    Build an audience for your current movie and all future movies.

I am an independent filmmaker embarking on the wonderful and daunting new adventure of re-releasing my three previous films and my two new films on the internet. Jason’s system is easy simple and fast. Each step is exciting, hugely educational and it’s EMPOWERING!

Rafal Zielinski, Directed more than 20 indie features

Grab This System To Sell Your Movie

This system has been specifically designed to put you in charge of your own distribution (so you can get your movie seen and selling around the world.)

  • Find your niche audience and sell directly.
  • Avoid marketing mistakes 99% of filmmakers make.
  • Optimize your movie for the online marketplace.
  • Discover secrets for building an audience.
  • Optimize your website for maximum sales!
  • Drive car loads of traffic to your movie website!
  • Leverage VOD to finance your next movie.
  • Find The Formula on how to build buzz!
  • Tap into your niche and reach your audience.
  • Sell your movie around the world.

After seeing Jason Brubaker speak at the WestDoc Conference in Los Angeles I decided to engage him for a one-on-one phone consultation to help with my upcoming feature documentary release. I wanted expert advice in pre-release marketing, outreach, and distribution options. Jason’s advice to me was specific, customized and immediately actionable… Precisely what I was seeking. I highly recommend Jason for filmmakers.

Lee Godden, Indie Film Producer

“Who should get this Distribution System?”

Get this system if you have a feature and you have no idea how you are going to sell it, or you plan on producing your next movie and your prospective investors want to know your plans for distribution.

Get this system if you want to get your movie seen and sold now, not later. Get this system if you are sick of waiting for another crappy offer from some second-rate film distributor who doesn’t care about your movie.

Get this film distribution system if you are looking for a step-by-step road-map that helps you enter the various marketplaces like iTunes, Amazon and Hulu… Get this system if you’re serious about selling your movie.

The Jason Brubaker Sell Your Movie course is the best, straight to the point, quality information out there. There are similar courses for over $500 plus. So this is the best value for money by far! Jason generously provides valuable, must have information. You get real secrets to selling your movie. I can tell this is a passion for him and thank him for giving me the tools and confidence to self distribute!

James Howarth, Producer, Director of Alien Inhabitant

Film Distribution Action Guide

You Can Start Selling Your Movie Today!

This guide provides an easy to use step-by-step resource for getting your finished feature seen and sold. The sell your movie now system contains resources on how to leverage the ever changing world of digital distribution and internet marketing.

With this system, you will have a step-by-step strategy to get your movie marketed, seen and selling. In the process, you will find out what the traditional movie distributors pray you never find out. If you are ready to market and sell your movie without the middle-man, grab this guide!

“Who SHOULD NOT get this System?”

OK. I am serious about this. This professional movie marketing and distribution system is going to provide you with YEARS of my own real life, blood, sweat and teary-eyed movie marketing and distribution secrets.

If you are not serious about getting your movie seen and selling, this system is not for you.

Also, if you want to spend years waiting around, crossing your fingers that some hot shot distributor is gonna call you on the phone with a dream distribution deal, this system is NOT for you.

This system is only for filmmakers who want to get their movies seen and selling.

I’ve spent the better part of 20 years in all areas of production, including supervising the cinematic department for over a decade at Sony PlayStation. When it came time to make my independent film, the old formula of foreign pre-sales, gap financing, and state tax incentives … seemed broken. I knew there had to be another way. So, after an enlightening email exchange with Jason Brubaker during his tenure at Distribber … I became a fan. I’ve been following what Jason has been teaching for years now. When it came time to sell my uber-independent feature film, of course, I turned to Jason to see what his online course materials could offer.

One of the key components that Jason teaches is understanding conversion rates. This is so important … and true! I’ve implemented his strategies and have seen my sales match up with his analysis of the conversion rates. I’ve seen film conferences that charge $500 for admission to panels that preach the old system of film sales and financing. The value that Jason provides for a fraction of that cost is extremely generous … and worth every penny to get a good dose of what’s “really” going on with the new world of direct (self) distribution for independent filmmakers.

Scott McMahon, Producer of The Cube and founder of FilmTrooper (dot) com

Quick Start MP3 Audio

Utilize The Quick Start Guide!

Within minutes after you get the system, you will be able to pop this quick-start audio in your Mp3 Player and listen to it on the go. This will provide you with effective strategies that you can employ immediately.

A lot of filmmakers report that this is a lot like having a movie marketing coach sharing his best kept secrets. When you get this system, you will wonder why you ever considered waiting for a traditional distributor!

“What’s different about this Film Distribution system?“

This information is totally up to date. It’s based on my professional distribution experience.

If you are willing to step outside of your film distribution comfort zone, in this system, I will show you everything! I’ll share the example of our first feature and tell you exactly how me and a band of renegade filmmakers created a movie that went viral, gained a cult following and generated thousands of visits on our movie website.

I’ll tell you how we converted those visits into cash.

As a filmmaker, you have are two simple choices when it comes to movie distribution.

1.    You can wait around for some bottom feeding traditional distributor to offer you validation and a crappy deal.

2.   Or you can grab the Independent Producer’s Guide To Digital Distribution and educate yourself on distribution so you can avoid costly mistakes.

Sell Your Movie Audio

Seven Steps To Sell Your Movie!

After years of development, I have distilled some of my top marketing strategies into seven simple steps that you can employ in your own marketing system.

This is available as an audio Mp3 that you can listen to in your car. Each strategy will enable you to improve the sales of your movie. Once utilized, this seven-step sell your movie system will help you sell your movie.

Movie Marketing Workbook

Step-By-Step, Fill In The Blank Workbook

After you immerse yourself in professional tactics to get your movie into the marketplace, we provide you with a step-by-step workbook. Each page has a daily activity that you can carry out, so you can expand your fan-base and make more sales.

This workbook will be one of the most valuable movie distribution tools in your arsenal. When you get the system, you can start implementing these secret marketing tactics so you can get your movie selling!

“So What’s The Cost For This Film Distribution System?”

Because this professional sell-your-movie system is based on actual experience and not theory, a system like this could easily sell for thousands of dollars. In fact if you attended one of those weekend workshops, you’d probably pay nearly $1,297. And if you do the research, you’ll find that most of those industry “gurus” have never even sold a movie!

But we are not going to charge you anywhere close to that amount. In fact, your total investment for the entire sell-your-movie system is just $97. Using this system will allow you get your movie seen and selling. And think about it: what you pay is less than a night out on the town.

“Sell Your Movie BONUS Materials”

To make this deal even more robust, I have added some additional bonuses to complement your movie distribution strategy. I created these bonus materials myself and think they will really help you define your “sell your movie” strategy.

BONUS #1: The 25 Step Sell Your Movie Checklist

As you probably noticed, this system is all about taking difficult marketing concepts and breaking them down into simple action steps. I have included my 25 step “sell your movie” checklist to help you implement an effective marketing strategy.

BONUS #2: The Movie Marketing Mini-Course

Receive Weekly Movie Marketing Tips

Within a few days after receiving the system, you will get weekly movie marketing tips delivered straight to your inbox. These valuable tips will allow you to stay on top of your movie marketing campaign. Should you ever have a question, you can simply reply to the email and we will answer your questions!

“Why are we nearly giving this system away?”

Here is how we can do it.

This system is an instant download that will be available in your email inbox within a few minutes. So for the most part, we have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. And aside from an occasional assistant, we do not have to pay anybody to go to the post office or take phone calls. Although, if you do need to call us, you can dial 310-746-3868.

Assuming it’s OK, we’d rather slash your price, rather than try to nickle and dime you.

In an online world of social marketing and efficient outreach tools, the Producer finally has an advantage distributing directly to his own audience. But that world changes constantly. Jason’s philosophy and advice is state of the art, he’s well connected and his insights were most helpful.

John Corry, Producer of Forks Over Knives and Tattoo Nation

“Don’t Wait. The Price Is Bound To Go Up.”

The thing you need to know is this – the information contained in this system is no-fluff. It is NOT based on theory. It is over a decade of the REAL internet distribution tips and tricks that got our first movie seen and selling. The value of this information is worth far more than the current $97 dollar bargain price tag.

And in case you think I’m just saying this to get you to BUY NOW, you should know the price of this program has already increased multiple times. To make sure you get your special price, simply click the buy now button below.

I put a ton of work into making this the best step-by-step film distribution system in the world. Get started today and then try this system out for 60 days. If you follow the steps, I guarantee you will sell enough copies of your movie to recoup the investment you make here. But if you do not, I will happily return your money. And as my gift, you can even keep your downloads and the bonuses!

Sell Your Movie System


Got questions? Call us 310.746.3868

The film distribution landscape has changed dramatically over the years. But Jason Brubaker’s easy-to-follow system provides an awesome roadmap for getting movies seen and selling through internet distribution.

Jacques Thelemaque, President, Filmmaker's Alliance

Discover Valuable Film Distribution Strategies and Secrets

This Sell Your Movie System has been specifically designed to provide you with valuable insider tips and techniques that you can put to use immediately! Give this movie marketing system a shot for 60 days.


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P.S. You’re lucky. Unlike you, I had to learn about movie distribution the hard way! Mostly through trial and error. After making our first feature, I wasted weeks talking to prospective distributors who never really cared about my movie.

P.P.S. Let’s face it. Distribution is a serious process. If you make the wrong decision, you could miss a pretty big payday. Doesn’t it make sense to evaluate all options first? Isn’t that worth the small amount of money you’ll pay here?

P.P.P.S. If you’re a filmmaker who wants to market and sell your own movies, then this movie marketing system is for you. The system will provide you with insights on how to get your movie into popular VOD marketplaces, build internet traffic and increase sales. You’ll have 60 days to try it out, so the only real risk is not taking action. Why don’t you give it a try? You have nothing to lose. Take action. Get Instant Access!

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